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Our slogan 'We'll help you get it, Straight Away!' is a concept that we continually strive to achieve. We provide funding up to $10,000 for just about anything: holidays, rental bonds, unexpected bills, furniture, school fees, car rego… Find more info on loan guarantor here.

Why 1 hour pay day loans USA ?

Simply put, we understand our customers needs and keep the process of applying for funds as simple as possible. Unlike many other financial institutions, we treat our Customer with the respect they deserve and quality service . Our short term instant cash loans offer customers a quick way to take advantage of competitive rates. Rapid Loans have developed a seemless application process with our preferred finance broker (Prime Lenders) who can instantly assess your application, gather your supporting documentation and forward it to us with a minimum of fuss to you. We aim to respond to your request within the hour. We are committed to lending in a responsible manner, and guarantee that our online service is fast and painless, providing small cash loans to those who need a decision in a hurry.

Personal Loans Australia

We invite you to compare the personal loans offered on our site with others that you find online. We aim to responsibly approve as many applications as possible and because you can apply from the comfort of your own home, we are far more convenient than your local bank.


It's an easy 1st step, simply Apply Online with Prime Lenders who will assist you with your application and leave the rest to us!


Information on National Consumer Credit Regulations please visit the relevant web site.

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